Custom Performance Training NJ FASST


Focused on improving athletic speed, agility, strength, power, and conditioning, our Athlete Training is broken into four subsections of athletes: Youth, High School, Collegiate, and Professional.  By training for performance fundamentals first, we can ensure that our athletes are generating their power and increasing their force production through proper muscular activation patterning.  This assists our athletes with breaking through typical training plateau barriers.


Our Ambassador training is geared toward those who consider themselves athletes at heart.  It is for the active adult who is either still participating in some form of athletic activity or who enjoys training within a like-minded atmosphere.  Participants will receive the same high-quality training as our athletes with specialized programming geared toward individual goals.  By building a proper foundation for movement, you will see complete lifestyle changes when after an 8 week session, you can physically continue to workout and more importantly you WANT to continue to train.


Demands of both Military and Emergency Services Personnel are closely related to the demands placed on the body of elite level athletes.  Carrying heavy loads, performing various lifts, and being able to move quickly with a strong sense of agility are all in the job description.  Just like athletes, you need to ensure that you are training for performance and not just lifting to lift.  Our individualized training programs are in place to assure that you are able to properly activate the kinetic chain and perform your duties to the best of your capability.