Foundations of movement play an integral part in improving sports performance.  Failure to develop proper mechanics before continuing to add weight to strengthening programs or increasing intensity during speed programs will lead not only to avoidable musculo-skeletal injuries, but will actually decrease an athlete's power output and force production.  This means that over time, the athlete will actually get slower, not be able to jump as high, and be incapable of reaching his or her full athletic potential.  At FASSST, we provide our athletes with hands-on training sessions with a focus and attention to details.  All exercise prescriptions take into account an athletes' needs from an overall Performance standpoint inclusive of strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and positional specific athletic movements.

‚ÄčIn our FASSST Perform Division, we offer both customized programming for private sessions as well as a limited number of High Performance Classes.  To ensure our athletes are able to receive the focus and attention they need, our class sizes are strategically capped at low enrollments.  If you have a group or team that would like to train together either in-facility or out, please contact us directly to discuss customized training options. 



Focused on improving athletic speed, agility, strength, power, and conditioning, our Athlete Training is broken into four subsections of athletes: Youth, High School, Collegiate, and Professional.  By training for performance fundamentals first, we can ensure that our athletes are generating their power and increasing their force production through proper muscular activation patterning.  This assists our athletes with breaking through typical training plateau barriers.


Our Ambassador training is geared toward those who consider themselves athletes at heart.  It is for the active adult who is either still participating in some form of athletic activity or who enjoys training within a like-minded atmosphere.  Participants will receive the same high-quality training as our athletes with specialized programming geared toward individual goals.  By building a proper foundation for movement, you will see complete lifestyle changes when after an 8 week session, you can physically continue to workout and more importantly you WANT to continue to train.


Demands of both Military and Emergency Services Personnel are closely related to the demands placed on the body of elite level athletes.  Carrying heavy loads, performing various lifts, and being able to move quickly with a strong sense of agility are all in the job description.  Just like athletes, you need to ensure that you are training for performance and not just lifting to lift.  Our individualized training programs are in place to assure that you are able to properly activate the kinetic chain and perform your duties to the best of your capability.


HP Speed

Housing New Jersey’s ONLY Tuff Tread High Speed Treadmill, boasting speeds up to 31 mph and inclines up to 40 degrees, FASSST offers targeted High Performance Speed sessions.  These sessions are geared toward helping athletes to improve their Top End Speed phase of their sprinting mechanics as well as overall athletic movement and performance.  This is ideal for combine prep training and sports requiring sprinting of distances greater than 10 yards. 

*Class sizes are limited to 6 students and ONLY students who have tested out of the Pre Performance program will be eligible to participate.


HP Strength

Utilizing industry leading PUSH band technology, sport and goal specific training programs are formulated.  PUSH technology provides live visual feedback of our athletes' speed of movement during strength based exercises.  This allows our coaches to safely progress the athletes' weight ranges throughout a program while eliminating the need for traditional and unsafe 1 RM testing to be completed.

*Class sizes are limited to 8 students and ONLY students who have tested out of the Pre Performance Program are eligible to participate.

Mobility Flossing NJ FASSST

Mobility Flossing

Bands are used to restrict excessive movement and blood flow of/to the musculature and soft tissue surrounding particular joints.  Clients are then put through a series of active and passive movement patterns in either loaded or unloaded positions.  Once complete, the bands are removed and the blood flow flushes through the area to enhance lymphatic drainage, reduce occlusion, and increase joint mobility. 

HP Stability NJ FASSST

HP Stability

Having good stability is paramount to  being able to Perform at elite levels.  Combining principles from balance, coordination, intrinsic strengthening, and injury prevention; HP Stability Classes serve to improve the foundation for sports performance.  To learn more about Stability, visit our education page and read Coach Zalasar's blog:  Stability:  Balance - Coordination.

*Class sizes are limited to 12 students and are offered as a stand-alone or an add-on to our other HP classes.  All students participating in our Pre Performance program are required to participate in our HP Stability classes as well.

Pre Performance

To get the most out of training sessions, you need to be conducting the exercises properly.  Our Pre Performance classes offer an intensive dive into the Biomechanics behind movement and develop athletes on principles from strength, speed, and stability.  These classes help prepare you to be able to join our HP Strength and HP Speed classes in the future.  

*Class sizes are limited to 4 students and all students in the Pre Performance classes MUST also attend the HP Stability classes.  Students must 'test out' of the Pre Performance program before they are eligible to participate in the HP Strength and HP Speed programs. 


FASSST Travel brings the same high-quality training from our facility directly to you at your school, gym, field, or place of business.  We currently offer the following services: 

Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ)

  • We travel to you and bring all necessary equipment

  • Address areas of deficiency among athletes

  • Develop SAQ through training proper movement mechanics

Strength and Conditioning

  • We train your athletes in  your current Strength and Conditioning rooms

  • All equipment is provided by the school (i.e. weights, plates, racks, etc.)

  • We provide supplemental equipment such as bands and tubing that may be necessary

  • Increase power output through targeted lifting programs


  • We bring all of the foam rollers, bands, tubing, and other necessary equipment

  • Excellent for post practice/game or on an 'off day'

  • Combines principles of Myofascial Release, Mobility, and Flexibility Training specifically designed for muscle recovery

Injury Prevention

  • We bring all of the bands, tubing, and other equipment

  • Held pre or post training/conditioning session

  • Combines principles of Mobility, Flexibility, Stability, and Muscular Activation

Coaching Seminars

  • We offer coaching seminars on a variety of topics some of which include:

  • Biomechanics and Performance

  • Recovery:  Why it is important and how to best implement it

  • Injury Prevention in Sports

  • If you have a topic you would like discussed, please reach out and we would be happy to provide our assistance