NJ FASSST is a comprehensive athlete training facility that is bringing the fundamentals back into everyday sports performance training.  Emphasis is placed around proper lifting and training techniques that align with athletically based movement patterns to improve overall muscular output.  More important than what you lift and move is how you lift and move.  Our highly educated and passionate staff is fully comprised of Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Athletic Trainers who have a proven success servicing clients in the Performance Training field.


Coach Zalasar

Valerie Zalasar was born and raised in Edison, New Jersey.  After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training from Kean University, Valerie went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Injury and Sports Biomechanics from Barry University.  She spent time working as an Athletic Trainer at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex as well as with various collegiate teams in Florida, North Carolina, and New Jersey before finding her niche in the Sports Performance Field.

Val specializes in Biomechanical Movement Analysis to improve athletic performance and prevent athletic injuries.  She spends her time analyzing athletic movement patterns and drafting individualized exercise prescriptions to help athletes reach beyond their current potential.  She has worked with athletes of all sports and levels from youth through professional.  Valerie enjoys working with her high school basketball players as much as she does her collegiate football players or professional baseball players.

When Val is not found in the training facility or out at a sporting event watching one of her athletes, she teaches Kinesiology courses at Montclair State University.  She also enjoys playing in a local Volleyball league and has hopes to join a kickball league this Spring.

Valerie and her husband shared their love of sports when they tied the knot this past May in a baseball themed wedding ceremony.  From a ring bearer decked out in a baseball bowtie and carrying a tray full of peanuts to a customized scoreboard in the background to Valerie wearing Baseball Turfs under her wedding gown; the two celebrated their nuptials surrounded by family and friends.


Coach Amanda

With her father being a member of the United States Army, Amanda Campbell was born in Fresno, California before the family was relocated to New Jersey where she was raised along with her 2 sisters. While obtaining her Master’s Degree in Athletic Training from Seton Hall University, Amanda competed for the university’s Division I track and field team.  She competed in the 60M/100M/200M/400M dash, the 60M/100M hurdles, the 4x1/4x4 relay, and the triple jump.  

Amanda has worked as an Athletic Trainer in both the High School and Clinical Settings for the past 5 years before joining the staff at NJ FASSST.  She utilizes her background in Sports Medicine to ensure her training sessions consist of movements and exercises that help her athletes prevent unnecessary injuries while utilizing her background as an athlete to teach proper movement patterns that help her athletes reach their goals of becoming ‘bigger, faster, and stronger’

Amanda loves working with clients from all walks of life.  Whether you are a youth, high school, or collegiate athlete or just enjoy being able to run around on the weekends with your kids, Amanda dedicates her time and energy into keeping you engaged and focused on your end goals.

She is an active member of the National Athletic Training Association.  She currently resides in Woodbridge with her fiancé and daughter.  Amanda loves spending time with family, staying active, and has a passion for animals.


Michael Campbell was born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. He moved to New Jersey in 2012 and currently resides in Hightstown.  Michael received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Athletic Training from Kean University and is currently completing his Master’s coursework.  

With a background as a High School Rugby player and having both played and coached Basketball collegiately while still living in South Africa, Michael has always had a passion for the world of athletics.  In addition to completing an internship as an Athletic Trainer with the New York Giants, Michael has worked with the Kean University Cougar Football, Men’s Volleyball and Baseball teams. He has also spent his time working with multiple youth, high school, and collegiate sports programs and serving as their local Athletic Trainer for games and events.  

Michael is currently a member of the National Athletic Training Association and is currently a Red Cross First Aid Responder and Instructor. He is in the process of becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA.

In his free time, Michael can be found playing in a Men’s Basketball league in Princeton or trail running and hiking with his wife, Leanne Campbell and their two dogs.