Functional Movement Screening NJ FASST

Functional Movement Screening uses objective and validated standards to assess patients movement baselines and identify quantitative asymmetries and deficiencies in movement patterns.  These results are then utilized by our Coaching Staff to develop individualized Injury Prevention programs.

Vyper and Hypersphere NJ FASST

Vibration Foam Rolling elicits a deeper response to self myofascal release (SMR).  The vibration serves to interrupt pain signals to the brain, allowing athletes to apply more pressure than they would with traditional foam rolling.  This increases the relaxation and elongation effects of SMR. 

Mobility NJ FASST

Utilizing targeted movements, mobility bands, and voodoo flossing, mobility work serves to restore and maintain the body's ability to move freely around a joint.  With the use of mobility equipment, exercises, and guidance from our coaches, we can promote the maintenance of healthy joint function and help to limit the onset of avoidable musculo-skeletal injuries.

Flexibility NJ FASST

To continually perform athletically based movements, athletes need to have the range of motion and flexibility to achieve various positions.  While static stretching is a no-no for pre-performance warm-ups, it is a very valuable tool during the recovery process.  It allows the muscles to reset and elongate to allow better blood flow in and out of the overused tissues.