Normatec Compression NJ FASST

Dynamic compression in the form of sequential pulse technology is one of the most effective recovery tools for athletes who want to maximize Performance and accelerate Recovery.  Normatec Compression has been shown to increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in addition to reducing both muscle swelling and fatigue.


A muscle stimulating device that reduces muscle fatigue and soreness while speeding up recovery which leads to faster return to activity.  It induces a non-fatiguing contraction of the muscle belly which creates a pumping motion to flush the lactic acid build-up from the system and replenish white blood cells to the area to promote muscular recovery.

Litecure Laser NJ FASST

Laser therapy reduces muscular inflammation by increasing blood supply to and from the muscles.  It initiates the inflammatory response phase to help with the continually flow of good cells in and bad cells out of the area.  Laser therapy is non-invasive and provides a painless experience to those being treated.