Cupping NJ FASST

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine made popular during the 2016 Olympic games in which Michael Phelps was seen utilizing the treatment between meets.  It is a form of localized suction on the surface of the skin used to decrease pain, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to remove toxins.

IASTM Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization NJ FASST

IASTM is an instrument-assisted technique used to cause controlled micro-trauma to a specific area in order to elicit an inflammatory response.  This inflammatory response increases blood flow to the area and draws in nutrients while removing toxins.

Myofascial Release NJ FASST

Myofascial release techniques both active and passive are used to treat dysfunctions in the myofascial complex, the thin layer of fascia surrounding the muscle belly and the muscle belly itself.  Commonly referred to as 'trigger points',  myofascial release involves the application of pressure to these points to elicit a relaxation and loosening of the tight/scarred tissue.  Active techniques involve the application of pressure while the muscle is actively elongated to elicit the relaxation. 

Sports Massage NJ FASST

Unlike the  more common Swedish and Therapuetic Massages that are meant to relax the client, Sports Massage combine various deep tissue and active fascial release techniques to reset and restore the injured tissues to a homeostatic state. 

Stretch Therapy NJ FASST

Assisted stretch therapy performed by our highly trained staff improves flexibility while decreasing muscular tension and soreness.  Stretch therapy combines techniques from various stretching methods including Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Static, Passive, Active-Assisted, Active-Resisted, and fascial stretching.